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Multiple SSH keys
Problem is, Bitbucket doesn’t allow you to use the same SSH key with more than one Bitbucket account. I still have my old work account to tidy up loose ends.

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: Control

: Command

: Option

: Shift

: Return

1. Decide Where to Open a File

In Xcode, you can open a file in various ways: in the standard editor, in a new or existing assistant editor, in a new or existing tab, or in a new window. Here’s how you can decide about this:

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Encoding and decoding with Swift 4

Swift 4 lets you serialize your custom data types to JSON without writing any special code.

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In the past, migrating your code was a big deal when a new version of Swift was introduced – when Swift 3 came around, it seemed like every line of code had a syntax change. This time around, however, life should be a lot easier on us – in fact maybe you’ll even see this nice message during your migration:

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